The Great Ape Gym
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What we do…

CPAT Certification

Individual Test - $105

Test with two practice sessions- $135

*Call Kim to sign up 602-316-2573

 Call 9am to 5pm only please

  • First and third Saturdays of every month

  • Practice sessions available

  • Discounted retesting

  • Basic requirement of the testing process

  • Provided by firefighters for prospective firefighter recruits.

  • Non judgmental atmosphere

    • We want you to succeed and we will provide you with the best opportunity to do so.

  • Best CPAT price available

*For questions and to get on the schedule, call Kim at 602-316-2573 9am to 5pm only.




“Ape Night”is open to Members and non members alike. It is be led by highly experienced firefighters and focuses on improving the strength and conditioning needed for being an effective firefighter.

Whether you are a current firefighter or in the pursuit of a career in this field, this is the place to achieve your highest level of preparedness. Ape Nights are the perfect environment for people of every skill level looking to reach their goals.

Come experience the Ape and the people that make it Great!

  • Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

  • Starts at 6pm (show up 15 mins early to prepare your gear)

  • Bring water and $15 if you are a non member

  • Come with a good attitude and an eagerness to work hard!



Invite Only - $100 monthly

100% access to The Ape and all Ape activities.

  • 24/7 availability

  • Member turnout gear and lockers

  • Families train free with you

  • Weight room, cardio room, strongman, skills course equipment all included

  • All Ape events are free

  • Opportunities to run skills courses and assist with Ape Academies

  • If you are interested in membership, start coming to “Ape Nights” on a regular basis so we can get to know you.

    • Were not necessarily looking for the biggest and strongest, just people that work hard and really want the job. We want people that are nice, respectful and never quit.