The Great Ape Gym

1720 W. Buchanan
Phoenix, Arizona 85007


The Ape was started in 2009 as an informal strength and conditioning club. The only intent was to be a place for prospective firefighter recruits to honestly evaluate and hone their skills to prepare for a career in the fire service. The Ape, as it exists today, is much different from where it originally began. However, our mission remains the same.

"To give prospective firefighter recruits and firefighters, opportunities to improve their physical and mental toughness as well as develop skills and a culture which support the foundation for a strong and meaningful career in the fire service."


The Ape is not affiliated with and does not represent any fire department.

The Ape cannot get you hired.

Only you, can get you hired.

Seek every opportunity and outwork all others and you WILL get hired!


In This House

Train hard

Have patience

Show respect to each other

We are honest

We are intentional

We are inclusive

We are positive

We are accountable

We are family

We are nice

We are humble

We strive to be our best

We live and pass on our culture

This is our church

We will care for it and respect it

It belongs to us and we belong to it

And it shall go as we do

Contact Us

  • Membership/Mentorship: Brad Fridenmaker 602-214-0741

  • CPAT Info/Sign-Up: Kim Ewan 602-316-2573