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CPAT Certification

Individual Test - $105

Test with two practice sessions- $135

*Call Kim to sign up 602-316-2573

 Call 9am to 5pm only please

  •  First and third Saturdays of every month
  •  Practice sessions available
  •  Discounted retesting
  • Basic requirement of the testing process
  • Provided by firefighters for prospective firefighter recruits.
  • Non judgmental atmosphere
    • We want you to succeed and we will provide you with the best opportunity to do so.
  • Best CPAT price available

*For questions and to get on the schedule, call Kim at 602-316-2573 9am to 5pm only.



Academy Prep Program

Next class begins October 2nd 2018

Get registered! For questions and to get on the list, call Kim at 602-316-2573 9am to 5pm only.

9 Week Class - $600

  • Mental & physical preparation
  • Detailed instruction on skills courses, weight training, preparing you for a successful fire academy
    • Scroll to bottom of this page for more detailed course information.

Ape Day

2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at 9AM -

$15 Drop

This is the best program for people new to a career in the fire service and or new to the gym.

  • Skills course intro and training
  • Access to turnout gear & bottles
  • Anyone and everyone welcome
  • All skill levels
  • Arrive at 8am to get fitted for gear
    • We begin promptly at 9am
  • Puts you around other like minded individuals that have the same goals as you.
  • Gives you an introduction to the gym culture and the fire service culture.


Invite Only - $100 monthly

100% access to The Ape and all Ape activities.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Member turnout gear and lockers
  • Families train free with you
  • Weight room, cardio room, strongman, skills course equipment all included
  • Free yoga, free Ape days, all Ape events are free
  • Opportunities to run skills courses and assist with Ape Academies
  • We choose our members from regular attendees of our programs. (APE DAYS, APE ACADEMIES).
    • If you are interested in membership, start coming to Ape days on a regular basis so we can get to know you.
    • Were not necessarily looking for the biggest and strongest, just people that work hard and really want the job. We want people that are nice, respectful and never quit.

Affinity Groups

Free - with your affinity group, you must be a registered member of specified affinity group to attend for free

  •  Access to The Ape monthly
  •  Access to all skills course equipment
  •  Train with your affinity group

*This is a free opportunity for affinity groups to mentor their members. This is not run by the Ape staff except for safety briefings. This is 100% for the affinity groups.

*You MUST be a registered member of the affinity group you wish to train with.


Wednesdays at 6PM

(during Ape Academies only)

  • Yoga for firefighters, designed and run by Kim Ewan
  • Zero stress, relaxed environment
  • Designed for people with reduced flexibility and or are new to yoga
  • Totally free to all comers
  • All equipment provided

Learn More about our Programs

                             Send us an email to sign up!


Participants of Ape Academy

On behalf of everyone at The Ape, welcome!

Over the course of the 9 week program, we will be focusing on some of the most daunting physical and mental challenges ahead of you in your careers. Specifically, working in turnouts, skills course familiarization and techniques for success. Weight training, nutrition and body composition. We will also be addressing many of the finer aspects and details that will help make you a more confident and successful fire recruit candidate.

It will not be easy. It will not be given to you. We are going to push each and every one of you beyond what you think is possible. We will give you the tools and the opportunity. What is required is your desire, drive and commitment to give your best each and every time you step into The Ape.

Never quit. Never give up. Always stand tall with your head up and shoulders squared, ready for whatever comes next.


What to bring to the first night of the program October 2nd at 6pm:

1) White t-shirt with your last name written on the front and back

2) 10lb sledge hammer with your name written on the handle

3) Foam roller for stretching routine

4) Gallon of water

5) An outstanding attitude

*Everything else will be provided for you.


Course syllabus: SAMPLE

Week 1: Tuesday: Initial paperwork, body comp, gear fitting, evaluation and skills course introduction

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sun: Skills at ape day

Week 2: Tuesday: Attention to detail, Skills

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sunday: Skills course at Ape Day

Week 3: Tues: Mental toughness: Skills

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sun: Skills at ape day

Week 4: Tues: Prey Drive: Skills

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sun: Skills course at Ape Day

Week 5: Tues: Team work: Skills

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sun: Skills at ape day

Week 6: Tues: Tower Night: Stair climb at Wells Fargo

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sun: Skills course at Ape Day

Week 7: Tues: Overcoming Adversity: Skills

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Lifting

Sun: Skills at Ape day

Week 8:Tues: Motivation to succeed: Skills

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Weight room

Sun: Skills course at Ape Day

Week 9: Final Evaluation: Closing

*Some dates and times may be moved around due to course needs


Course times:

Tuesday Skills: begins at 6pm sharp. If you're not early, you're late. Your gear needs to be checked off and ready to go prior to our start time.

Wednesday Yoga: Yoga begins at 6pm sharp. Do not be late! Be respectful and considerate. Be on time.

Thursday Weight room: Begins at 6pm on Thursday

Sunday Ape Day: Begins at 9am. Be early and be prepared to work!


General course information:

You are expected to behave like adults at all times. There is a lot of content that will be coming your way. Respect the fact that we are there for you and to help you be as prepared as you can be. Do not waste our time. Do not waste your time. Be prepared. Be hydrated. Be fed. Do not come with excuses.


Participants will be in their white shirts with their name written on the front and back in black marker and PT shorts. Wear socks. No sexually suggestive or questionable clothing. No booty shorts, extra small/short revealing clothing. No boob shirts, or camel toe, or see through anything. Yoga pants are acceptable for ladies but use discretion. No muscle shirts, wear deodorant, keep your junk tucked, wear underwear. If it is the least bit in question, then don't wear it!


Do not be offensive or rude to anyone! It will not be tolerated. Never demean or talk down to anyone. Participants are your equals and peers. Don't be dumb.

You are at The Ape to train. We don't care what you do with your free time. When you are at The Ape discretion is the rule. Fraternize with the same or opposite sex on your own time. While at The Ape, it is Ape time. Don't be asked to leave the program.


Calling out:

Were all adults. If you cant make it, fine. Just let us know. Don't be weak and miss when you could attend. You are paying good money to be trained by us. Make it count.

If you're sick: Do not come!



Follow the rules. Don't be dumb. Listen. Keep the place clean. Be respectful. Be a good person. Don't suck. Don't whine. Commit. Don't post dumb stuff on social media.

You are a guest in our home. Act like it.

If stated rules are not followed, for any reason, participants will be removed from the program at the discretion of The Ape staff.

There are no refunds.

Pay attention. Do what you're supposed to and follow the rules.